You will be required to sign a lease agreement with the following terms and specifics of the apartment you are renting if you choose to be our guest at 808 on 5th. Please read the lease terms carefully before signing the physical copy at the MWACR Property Management Offices. For additional resources feel free to read through our maintenance policies, utilities overview, parking and transportation information, and a moving guide. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us any time.

That Landlord leases to Tenants, and Tenants lease from Landlord, the following described Premises, herein after referred to as “Apartment”, “Premises”,  “Dwelling Unit”,  or “Unit”, including the grounds, areas, and facilities of the premises held out for the use of tenants generally at (building number) 5th Street, Coralville IA UNIT #(assigned unit).


The term of this Lease is from the (day) of (month), (year) at NOON and terminates on the (day) of (month), (year) at 7:00 AM.


Tenants agree to pay rent to Landlord, as rental for said term, 12 Equal Monthly Payments of (unit price as listed) the first payment due on the first day of the term and the same amount on or before the first day of each month thereafter during the term of this Lease. IF TENANT CHOOSES TO ADD A ROOMMATE, LANDLORD MUST APPROVE THE ROOMMATE, AND THE RENT WILL INCREASE TO (rate described on lease) PER MONTH. Rent will be prorated for any short month.

  1. All rent is due on/before the first of each month, even if the first is a holiday or weekend. Rents up to and including $700.00 per month will pay a late charge of $12.00 per day, up to $60.00 per month and monthly rent over $700.00 will pay a late charge of $20.00 per day up to $100.00 per month, if rent is late. A fee will be charged for each returned check, in an amount equal to the reasonable expense, the Landlord incurs as a result of the return. Such fee shall be considered additional rent, and if not immediately paid upon demand, shall be added to the next month’s rental amount.
  2. All rent is due in the form of ONE (1) Single Payment per unit, made out to: 808 on 5th LLC
  3. Rent can be paid in the following ways:
    1. Put check in Rental Mailbox located on the first floor next to the mail boxes.
    2. Mail rent to: 808 on 5th LLC,3855 Locust Ridge Rd. NE, North Liberty, IA 52317.
    3. Give Manager 12 postdated checks for the first of each month.
    4. Set up ACH direct deposit into the Landlord account.
  4. All charges incurred on the rental account (including but not limited to maintenance and other charges) are rent and shall be paid immediately.

Security Deposit

Tenants shall pay to Landlord (1 months rent) as a security deposit for the full and faithful performance by Tenants of all terms and conditions of this Lease. The Security Deposit Holder listed below is the one and only Tenant designated by all other Tenants to receive the security deposit at the expiration of the lease.

  1. Paid in full by Deposit Holder (Deposit Holder's Name), (Amount of Deposit) (Check Number)
  2. Transferring deposit from previous year (Amount of Deposit) Deposit Holder (Desposit Holder's Name)

The Security Deposit will be returned by Landlord to the single designated Tenant (Deposit Holder) within thirty (30) days after expiration of the Lease, less amounts properly withheld by Landlord. Tenants shall provide to Landlord in writing no later than 7 days before or after move out, a forwarding address of the deposit holder. The security deposit cannot be used by the Tenants to pay rent or accumulated charges.


The property is managed by  Midwest American Commercial Realty (MWACR) Property Management.

Your building managers are: 

  • Tim Fraser - Maintenance: 319-631-1864
  • Lora Miller - Office Manager: 319-321-1444

Mailing address: 3855 Locust Ridge Rd. NE, North Liberty, IA  52317
Email address:  mwacrllc@gmail.com


Landlord is responsible for TRASHBASIC CABLE, & INTERNET and Tenants are responsible for:

  • WATER/SEWER - City of Coralville 319-248-1715 or www.Coralville.org
  • GAS/ELECTRIC - Mid American Energy 1-888-427-5632 or www.midamericanenergy.com 

All utilities that Tenants are responsible for MUST be put in Tenants name BEFORE move in, and must remain in Tenants name until the end of the lease term – EVEN IF TENANT MOVES OUT EARLY. Unless a replacement Tenant is found. Tenants who fail to put utilities in their name will be charged in an amount equal to landlords reasonable expenses incurred as a result of said failure.

  1. Make certain the thermostat is kept above 65 degrees at all times to guard against pipes freezing. DO NOT TURN OFF HEAT IN WINTER. Tenants shall protect pipes to prevent freezing and bursting of the water pipes and keep the faucets closed to prevent waste or flooding of said Premises and shall be responsible for all damages to the Premises.
  2. Tenants are liable for excessive utility costs (dripping faucets, running toilets, broken windows, ect) due to Tenants failure to immediately report maintenance problems. Tenants are obligated to mitigate losses (shutting off water supply, covering broken window, etc) and calling manager until problem is resolved.

Basic Cable and Internet

Tenant has been provided with a Mediacom Modem, power cord & cable. Tenant shall not install, attach, connect, or maintain on or in the Unit, or any part of the building, any cable television hookup, satellite dish or receiver, antenna, or additional telephone, cable, or internet lines.


Landlord shall have the right to enter the dwelling unit with 24 hour notice in order to inspect the Premises, make necessary repairs or services, alterations, improvements, or exhibit the dwelling unit to prospective or actual lessors, mortgagees, tenants, workmen, or contractors. Landlord may enter the dwelling without 24 hour notice, in case of emergencies, or to make prior scheduled maintenance repairs/service.  

Alterations and Improvements

Tenants shall make no alteration (including paint) without the Landlord’s prior written consent. Tenants shall leave with the Premises at the termination of this lease all alterations, additions, or improvements made by Tenants, without any payment therefore.

Tenant Obligation

Tenants shall, in addition to any other obligations in this lease, comply with all applicable building, housing and zoning codes, and with Chapter 562A of the Code of Iowa (Residential Landlord Tenant Act) and conduct himself/herself in a manner that will not disturb a neighbor’s peaceful enjoyment of the Premises. This includes keeping noise and music to a minimum between the hours of 11pm and 7am.

Delay in Possession

If Landlord is unable to give possession, Landlord shall make reasonable efforts to correct any problems in a timely manner. Rent will abate until possession is given or the lease is terminated. Possession is deemed given when Tenant(s) receive keys to the Unit or Tenant(s) receive the right to move into the unit (first day of the lease) whichever occurs first, irrespective of differences in opinion over the condition of the Unit.


Tenant acknowledges that they have been given 2 sets of keys to the unit and one mailbox key. These keys must be returned to Landlord at end of lease term or before. Tenant shall not install, alter, or replace any locks, bolts, latches, knobs, or attachments to any door.

  1. Lost Key: Tenant shall contact landlord if they have lost their keys and NO duplicate keys shall be made by tenant. There will be a per key charge in an amount equal to landlords actual expense to replace keys. If lock needs to be rekeyed or replaced due to tenant error, there will be a locksmith charge.
  2. Locks: No locks shall be placed or replaced upon any door/window without the written consent of the Landlord. Entry Lock Change: Contact the manager to arrange a time for lock change. There is a charge in an amount equal to landlords actual expense per lock that will be billed to the unit.
  3. Lockouts: Should Resident lock him/herself out of rental unit and be unable to gain access, Landlord may let them in. If landlord agrees to let Tenants into the unit during such period, Tenants shall reimburse Landlord for their actual expense incurred for providing such service. Such service shall be considered additional rent, and shall be added to the next month’s rental obligation.

Care of Property

Tenants agree to use the highest degree of care in maintaining rented premises and common areas throughout the lease term.  Tenants agree to keep all fixtures (bathroom, kitchen, flooring, etc) in the apartment  clean. Any alteration or damages to the apartment by the Tenants, visitors, or others, which causes a violation of city ordinances or which necessitates repairs, will be charged to Tenants.

Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors

The Housing code requires that the fire extinguisher and smoke detector be operational at all times and this responsibility belongs to the Tenants. If the fire extinguisher is discharged, the Tenants agree to have it recharged immediately at the Tenants cost. Tenants agree to check smoke detector and fire extinguisher at the first of every month and report to the Landlord any necessary maintenance.


Tenants are responsible for replacing any burned out light bulbs in unit at their own cost. 


We ask that you do not wear hard soled shoes inside of your unit to help reduce sound transfer from your apartment to the apartment below. High heeled shoes should NOT be worn on wood flooring and may cause damage. We strongly recommend that you not wear them inside of your apartment. Tenants are responsible for any damage caused by them.

Walls and Ceiling Holes

We ask that you keep your nail holes to a minimum, and Tenant acknowledges that any nail hole larger than a small nail may result in a charge to repair per hole, in an amount equal to Landlords actual expense to repair.

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundry

  1. No acids or abrasive cleaners shall be used on any of the bathtubs, sinks, plumbing or tile work. Damp mops, brooms and Swiffers and vacuums made for wood floors shall be the only cleaners used on wood floors.
  2. Shower doors are provided by Landlord. Make sure doors are closed properly at each end when showering. Water damage to the floor and ceiling below is the Tenants responsibility and will be charged accordingly. Doors should be wiped down after every use to keep lime buildup from occurring.
  3. Any repairs to the plumbing and all appliances whenever damages are a result from Tenants misuse, waste, or neglect or that of his guests will be charged to the Tenant. Tenant must provide a ball type plunger to avoid unneeded service calls.
  4. Appliance Failure: In the event of the failure of an appliance that is furnished by landlord under this Rental Agreement, landlord’s sole responsibility shall be the repair or replacement of the appliance, in landlord’s sole discretion. Resident shall notify landlord as soon as practicable in the event of an appliance failure. Landlord is not responsible for any loss of use or consequential damage that can be avoided by Residents compliance with this reasonable notice requirement.
  5. Garbage Disposal is for the use of the Tenants and provided as a convenience. Use machines at your own risk. Do not throw bones, celery, popcorn, rice, gravy, grease, etc. into the garbage disposal or sink. Make sure the garbage disposal is cleared before running the dishwasher.  If any rags or foreign object go into the disposal causing damage, Tenant will be billed for the repair or replacement of disposal.
  6. Washer/Dryer: is for the use of the Tenants and are provided as a convenience. Use machines at your own risk, and cleanup after each use (keep dryer lint traps clean). Landlord is not responsible for articles that may be damaged. Do NOT overfill washers or dryers, as this may damage the appliances. Any repairs resulting from misuse by Tenant shall be billed to Tenant.

Windows and Doors

If tenants wish to replace furnished window treatments, they must contact the manager prior to removal. Tenant must store the provided blinds in the apartment and re-hang them before they move out. Tenant is responsible for repair or replacement of any screens, windows, doors damaged, or lost that are a result of their misuse or neglect.

Porches and Decks

NO bikes, garbage cans, garbage sacks, kegs, coolers, or indoor furniture may be stored on porches/decks. Only light weight lawn furniture is acceptable. No rugs, towels, banners, or flags are allowed to be hung from deck railings.


Unless otherwise indicated below, and with the exception of service and support animals for persons with disabilities, NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME ON PREMISE.

Tenant has: (Number of Animals)  
Animal type: (List Animal Type/Weight) and has filled out and signed Pet Agreement.

Pest Control

Landlord will give Tenant 24 hour notice. If a bug problem exists, Pest control requires a sample of a bug to know how to treat property.  This property is pest free (rodents, bed bugs, roaches, ants, etc) as of move-in date. If tenant brings in any pests onto Premise, Tenant is obligated to aid in pest treatment and pay for any cost incurred. Aiding may include but is not limited to: furniture removal, clothes cleaning/storage, and any means deemed necessary by extermination company of Landlord’s choice.


Tenant agrees to assist in keeping the entryway and common hallways to the dwelling, free from debris, garbage, and notify manager immediately of any maintenance issues in those areas.

No Smoking

This is a NO SMOKING PROPERTY. There will be NO SMOKING of ANY kind IN ANY UNIT OR COMMON AREA. There is also NO SMOKING 20 feet from the building.


There are dumpsters provided for all buildings. You must put your trash IN THE DUMPSTER, and not set it on top or around the base of the dumpster. Co-Mingle recycling bins are also provided. Please see the recycling guide for what is allowed or not allowed in bins.


Parking is (circle one)  INCLUDED / NOT INCLUDED in your lease. There is a separate agreement from this apartment lease for any available parking. Visitor parking is only provided in outside parking area and is NOT permitted within any building. Violators will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.


Bicycles are to be kept in the Garage within the bicycle area. No bicycles are allowed inside of units in building, unless written approval is granted by Landlord.


Tenants are obligated to report any problems in the apartment to the manager. Once reported, Landlord will try and give tenant 24 hour notice of repair, but in the event that is not possible, the maintenance call, text or email is authorization for entry into the unit.


An emergency is a heat outage, an electrical outage, no water, or a sewer backup. In the event of an emergency please call Property Management (Tim Fraser (319) 631-1864) first, then call:

  • Randy Miller (319) 330-5973
  • Blaine Thomas (319) 631-3138

In Case of FIRE, notify the fire department at 911.

Rules of Occupancy

No grilling, parties, or events of any kind are allowed in the common areas. The roof and fire escape are off limits for all activities.

  1. Doors, patio doors and windows must be kept closed, if necessary, to prevent your stereo, TV, etc. from penetrating hallways or other apartments.
  2. All social gatherings are to be held within the confines of the apartment so that noise does not filter into the halls or any other apartment. No kegs are allowed in any unit.
  3. If the Landlord receives noise complaints regarding an apartment, corrective legal remedies will be pursued as provided by city ordinance or State Law.
  4. Tenants choosing to use candles inside the apartments will be held responsible for paint and floor damages at the expiration of the lease.
  5. Natural evergreen trees or parts thereof are not permitted in the apartment for safety reasons.
  6. The Landlord reserves the right to adopt additional or revise rules, for the safety, care, and cleanliness of the Premises and for the preserving of good order therein.


Tenants shall not sublet the dwelling unit or any portion thereof, without the written consent of Landlord. If consent is given, the forms provided by Landlord for subleases and rental application must be used or the Sublease will not be recognized by Landlord and Resident is responsible for reimbursing Landlord for actual expenses. The Landlord reserves the right to accept or reject any sublease.

  1. It is the Tenants sole responsibility to find someone to assume the Rental Agreement. Subleasing does NOT release the original Tenant form liability under the Lease.
  2. Individual Subleasing: If one roommate leaves and is replaced by another person during the lease term, both the original Tenant and the new Tenant must meet with manager with written confirmation of acceptance of the new tenant by all roommates, to sign the sublease provisions of the original lease. Roommates may not unreasonably withhold consent to a sublease.  Cleaning is the responsibility of the original Tenant.
  3. Whole Apartment Subleasing: All original and new Tenants must meet with manager to sign the sublease provisions of the original lease. The original Tenants agree to clean prior to occupancy if the new Tenant and/or the Landlord request this to be done. Landlord will not be responsible for cleaning of the unit.
  4. Only apartments whose rental accounts are in good standing may sublease. All rent/fees on the account must be paid before Landlord consents to a sublease.
  5. Arrangements must be made between the sub lessor and sub lessee regarding the exchanging of keys, apartment cleaning, and any additional deposit.
  6. The Deposit held by the Landlord will be given back to the original tenant deposit holder, only after the sublease has moved out. Any repairs, damages and cleaning charges will be subtracted from deposit.


Prior to rental season (January), manager will send out notices by email or letter, with the Tenants new rental rate. If Tenant does not give a written answer before rental season of their intent to re-lease, it means Tenant does not intend to lease the apartment for the next year. If an affirmative answer is received, a new Rental agreement must be signed by the posted date, or all rights/options to the apartments for the next lease year are relinquished.  Landlord reserves the right to accept or reject any renewals.

Moving Out

At the end of the Lease, Tenants should consult the “Moving Out” Checklist that was giving upon signing of the lease. Another copy is available by contacting the Manager.

  1. Tenants must contact the manager to set up a check out date no later than 48 hours prior to completion of moving out. Tenant does not have to be present.
  2. Tenants will be charge for rekeying doors for failure to hand in all original keys at the inspection. Copies of keys are only to be provided by Manager, and all other copies are unacceptable.
  3. Unit is to be left as clean as when Tenants moved in. Tenants will be charged landlords actual expense incurred for general cleaning if the unit is not cleaned and free from all of Tenants belongings.
  4. Tenants must have all utilities (required by lease) on and in Tenant’s name at the time of inspection. Do not disconnect utilities until the day after the lease expires. Utilities must be operable for proper inspection and any necessary cleaning.
  5. Tenants will be charged a fee equal to Landlords actual expense for painting, drywall damages, corner bead damages, etc that exceeds normal wear and tear.
  6. Tenants will be charged a fee equal to Landlords actual expense for necessary furniture and garbage removal services provided during moving out.
  7. TENANT WAS FURNISHED WITH MEDIACOM MODEM POWER CORD AND CABLE UPON MOVE IN AND THIS EQUIPMENT MUST BE LEFT IN THE APARTMENT UPON MOVE OUT. If removed, any missing equipment will be replaced and charged against Tenants deposit.

Dangerous Materials

Tenant shall not keep, or have on the leased premises, any article or thing of a dangerous, flammable, or explosive character that might increase the danger of fire on the leased premises, or that might be considered hazardous by any responsible insurance company.

Notice of Extended Absence

Tenant shall notify Manager of any anticipated extended absence from the Unit no later than the first day of the extended absence.  During an absence of Tenant in excess of fourteen (14) days, Manager/Landlord may enter the Unit at times reasonably necessary.


  1. This writing, including any addendum(s) attached, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matters: and not statement, representation or promise with reference to this lease, shall be binding upon either of the parties unless in writing and signed by both Landlord and Tenants. All Tenants must sign this Lease.
  2. Words and phrases herein shall be construed as in the single or plural number, and as masculine, feminine, or neuter gender. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision hereof shall not affect or impair any other provision in the Lease agreement. All addendums hereto are by this reference incorporated in this Lease, and made a part hereof.
  3. Tenants grant permission to Landlord to release their phone number/email address to incoming or outgoing Tenants for general questions or for the purposes of negotiating lease dates. Tenants agree all information regarding the lease may be shared with the parent/guardian or emergency contact listed on the Tenant information sheet.
  4. Tenants are encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance prior to occupancy to be protected from theft, vandalism, fire/water damages, etc. Landlord is not responsible for a loss should Tenants choose not to purchase insurance.
  5. TENANTS AGREE TO BE SEVERALLY AND JOINTLY LIABLE FOR RENT, FEES, DAMAGES, CHARGES AND ALL OTHER OBLIGATIONS UNDER THIS LEASE. SUBLEASES DO NOT RELEASE TENANTS FROM THEIR LIABILITY.  Tenants represent and warrant that as of the date of signing this Lease that all tenants have reached their majority age and are legally competent to enter in to this Lease. Tenants younger than 18 years of age must have a guarantor sign the lease.